WIJ advocaten joins Global Insurance Law Connect

It is with great pride that we are announcing that WIJ advocaten has joined the exclusive Global Insurance Law Connect network, as the first and only law firm in the Netherlands to do so. GILC is a rapidly growing global network of distinguished law firms that are exclusively focused on the insurance industry. Being a member of GILC will enable us and our clients to internationally collaborate on a high level with the very best insurance lawyers from all over the world.

Getting in was not easy, but we succeeded! This opens a window of opportunities for our clients, now and in the future. Thanks to the GILC network, we will be able to provide even better services to insurance companies with their registered seat in the Netherlands or Dutch companies that literally cross borders. WIJ advocaten will take the case further, now in other countries as well.  

Global Insurance Law Connect is a global collaborative network of law firms specialising in insurance law and liability law. The network has grown rapidly in the three years since its creation and it continually endeavours to expand, in terms of both quantity and quality.

GILC members regularly meet in fourteen focus groups, and continually share their expertise and knowledge with their clients. These groups focus on matters such as complex personal injury cases, Financial Lines, Property, Construction, D&O, Cyber, Fraud and Product Liability & Recall.

Additional information about the network can be found on the GILC website, www.globalinsurancelaw.com, and in the GILC press release: https://www.globalinsurancelaw.com/2020/11/16/wij-advocaten-joins-global-insurance-law-connect/.

Feel free to contact us at any time for any questions:
- Harriët Delhaas: +31 6 159 40 090 or delhaas@wijadvocaten.nl
- Suzanne Bordewijk: + 31 6 531 68 604 or bordewijk@wijadvocaten.nl

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